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What do we supply?: Websites and Websystems design

Striking websites

Websites need constant development and support. Very few are. Smaller to mid-sized companies tent to spend a one time budget on a web site and leave it running, until it breaks or gets hacked. Hardly any time is spend on creating new content or  modernizing look and feel. This is a strategy that will not get you ranked very high or will appeal to customers. Your web-site reflects your company. Pitfalls of websites: outdated content, outdated look and feel, one time “press releases”, broken or poor maintained news feed.

Go-Que offers a full webmaster service. Your web site is hosted, maintained, supported and promoted.


Sophisticated Integration

Websites are more then an electronic brochure. Websites play a vital role in recruiting new business and enhance your customer relationship. Sophisticated integration with back-end systems like accounting, ERP & CMS. Deliver a better service to your customers by integrating new means of payments or a dedicated account section.

Go-Que offers design, build and advice on integrated solutions.

Striking and sophisticated Websites

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What do we support?: Websites and Websystems

Pricing: monthly subscriptions offered in support blocks

Go-Que offers full webmaster service. This includes the 4 webmaster areas: Design, Host, Maintain and Promote your website. We design your web solution, host it in grade AAA data centers, take care of all upgrades, patches, SEO  and desired modifications, and we promote your websites with ads and social media broadcasts. All in one package! From simple websites to highly integrated web systems.

By default all our websites include:

  • a commercially licensed Web Application Firewall
  • a commercially licensed  Spam/mall-ware scanner
  • a ticketing system for change requests
  • active hacking detection
  • social media push
  • user access control and auditing

What does the Webmaster package do for you:

  • Your website is protected against spam by commercially licensed software.
  • Your website is protected against Hackers by commercially licensed software.
  • Your website is monitored on availability, loading speed, access, changes and updates.
  • Your website is fixed when broken.
  • Your website backups are made and secured.
  • Your website is recovered, when needed.
  • Your website is kept up to date on patches, upgrades and updates.
  • Your webmaster is available for changes in lay out, look & feel, SEO rewrites and customization.
  • Your webmaster activities, hours and actions are communicated and registered
  • Your webmaster is available for support by, phone, email, chat and any other means of communication.
  • Your website is hosted with a premium hardware with a premium provider.
  • Your website “usage” will be reported monthly.

All for an attractive monthly fee.

Pricing details

A modern web master is one that safeguards your cooperate presence on the internet. Start maintaining your Brand on the internet


What do we secure?: Websites and Websystems

Today the cyber criminals mostly use websites to distribute their nasty code. On average 30,000 new websites are identified every day (source Sophos Labs) distributing malicious code to any users passing by. Many hold on to the idea that viruses are distributed from adult sites, gambling and other forms of vice but in reality the majority of these 30,000 sites are legitimate small businesses that are unwittingly distributing malicious code for the cyber criminals. You might be one of them.

[Source: Forbes magazine 9/06/2013]


Cybercrime is a growth industry. The returns are great, and the risks are low. We estimate that the likely annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime is more than $400 billion. A conservative estimate would be $375 billion in losses, while the maximum could be as much as $575 billion.

[Source: McAfee 06/2014]

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